About the Layout

This layout is a very simple pure CSS layout. I didn't feel like making it graphic excessive because I was too lazy to make them and plus, it'll load faster. So it's only made through CSS and basic XHTML meaning that there is no tables, iframes or stuff ilke that. The HTML is really basic so you can edit it easily through Notepad or a WYSIWYG editor like Frontpage or Dreamweaver. The CSS on the other hand I can't say is that easy and I recommend not touching it unless you know what you're doing because the layout will break easily if you do something bad. There are comments throughout the source to help you understand what to do.

The basic structure is as follows: container id, content id, navi id, and footer id. The two ids that would concern you would be the content containing all your stuff and the navi containing all your links to the other pages on your site. The footer contains all your copyrights and credits and stuff. Of course the layout structure is made through div layers.

Works best on Firefox on a resolution of 1024x768 and up.

About the Author

So, I'm just a kid with too much time.

Terms of Use

Please read over the terms below before using the layout.

  • Don't claim the design as your own.
  • Please email me for commercial use.
  • Don't remove the link at the bottom.
  • Please email me to see how it turns out.

Dummy Text

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Here are some of the avilable html elements that have already been styled for you so you don't have to do it.

	<h1>Header One Text</h1>
	<h2>Header Two Text</h2>
	<strong>Strong Text</strong>
	<em>Emphasized Text</em>
	<acronym title="Full Text Here">FTH</acronym>

Will output the following:

Header One Text

Header Two Text

Strong TextEmphasized TextFTH

Get Firefox!!

If everyone used Firefox as their default browser then it would make my job as a webmaster so much easier so try to convert if you can. If you're using Internet Explorer then please be aware that it makes making layouts a pain in the @$$ because it does not comply with the standards that the W3 has set. It also isn't very safe for you either so switch.

Go to Browse Happy for a full list of good browsers or just get Firefox.



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